Yuasa REC

REC type battery

※Superior cyclic charging performance, long life and safety
※New generation designed for electric bikes
※Deep cycle and long lifespan

Voltage : 12V
Capacity : 10AH ~ 80AH
Life : 50% DOD 600 Cycle
Application : Mobility / E-scooter / E-bike
Applicable Model : YUASA NPC series battery
  • Yuasa REC

Features of YUASA REC Battery

Easy maintenance
When battery is charging, hydrogen would be absorbed and reversed to eletolyle by plates. So it doesn't need to refill water and balanced charging, which makes maintenance easy.

Keep electrolyte high
Eletrolyte is absorbed in glass mat and still. Battery can be used or positioned under 90 degress angle orientation.

Extremely safe
When excessive gas production by inappropriate charging occurs, safety valves will automatically emit the gas to prevent battery cracked.

Low self-discharge
Special lead-calcium alloy plates makes lower self-discharge and longer preservation.

Long life, high economy
Plates are made of anti-corrosion lead-calcium alloy, which has longer float charging life. Separator(glass mat) can trap eletrolyte and active material on positive plates, prevent active material drop at the same time. More over, greater deep charge cycle lifespan makes battery worth to turst and high-economic.

Low resistance
Higher current, better performance.

Fine charge recovery after deep discharge
Long-term discharge is not good for battery on device. If battery status going worse, give it full-recharge, which will recover fast and won't cause lifespan loss.

【 Regular charge 】

  • Pallet trucks, vacuums, electrical tools
  • Radios, video recoders
  • Cameras, photoflood lamps
  • Electric toys
  • Measuring machines
  • Sphygmomanometers, massage chairs

【 Float charge 】

  • UPS, office computers, terminals.
  • POS machines
  • Base stations, telephone switchboards
  • Communication systems
  • Security and disaster prevention systems
  • Emergency Lights

【 Download battery data sheet 】

YUASA REC10-12 Battery .PDF

YUASA REC12-12 Battery .PDF

YUASA REC14-12 Battery .PDF

YUASA REC15-12 Battery .PDF

YUASA REC22-12 Battery .PDF

YUASA REC50-12I Battery .PDF

YUASA REC80-12I Battery .PDF

YUASA U1-36E-12 Battery .PDF

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