Yuasa YB

YB type battery

High value maintenance battery

The translucent container makes maintenance more convenient.
Just check the electrolyte level, refill appropriate water,
then easily longer the battery life.
Standard type has 6V, 8V, and 12V full range.

Voltage : 6V, 8V, 12V
Capacity : 2AH ~ 40AH
Application: Motorcycle
  • Yuasa YB

Features of YUASA YB Battery

Long Lifespan
Standard type gird is made of high quality alloy, which has good charge recovery.

Just pay attention to the electrolyte level, the battery can endure longer during general use.

PP container

PP material container can endure the impact and high temperature without thermal strains from engine bay on vehicles.

By the way, in order to check the electrolyte level more easily, the contianer is translucent for water refilling maintenance.  


Water loss is the main reason that shorten battery life. 
Do not change inappropriate type battery on vehicles, it also shorten battery life.


Motorcycle Battery Model Description

Standard Type

Example of battery number:

 01  Code name 
 02  10HR capacity 
 03  Size of battery 
 04  Chemical polarity 
 05  Postion of vents

 06  Volts 
 07  Maintenance(Standard) battery
 08  Postion of terminals

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